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Wardrobe & Styling

Wardrobe & Styling Process

As a wardrobe stylist, I work on the areas of dressing, accessories, hairstyling and make-up. I believe in giving you a full makeover, the best that you deserve. A look which defines and refines who you are ! I know you mustn’t have ever gone through anything like this before. You are about to get a lifetime experience, join me !

personal style analysis

Personal Style Analysis

What better way to start the makeover than by understanding your life, your core personality and your clothing preferences. I get into the detail to know about you as an individual and your reasons for dressing up the way you do.

wardrobe evaluation

Wardrobe Evaluation

A wardrobe evaluation is something you must have not experienced before. I take a good look at your clothes and accessories to tell you where exactly you are missing the point. This activity helps you to a great extent to understand what to buy and what not to buy.

personal shopping

Personal Shopping

This is a practical excursion. We head out to the markets just to find you the right clothes, accessories and make-up that matches your personality. A perfect example of fun @ work!

professional hairstyling

Professional Hairstyling

No look is complete without a good hairdo and our hairstylists just know how to give you the right cut to suit your face shape and personality.

Grooming and Makeup

Grooming and Make up

At Your Image and I, we believe that good grooming finishes your complete look. We don’t talk the usual personal hygiene and Do’s & Don’ts , we go much deeper into the concept of holistic grooming that works for you.

You are ready

And you are ready !!

And finally after all the effort we put in together, you are ready to rock the world your way. Remember, you deserve to project a good image, an image that truly defines you, the one that makes you push the boundaries and makes you proud of who you are. So don’t wait , your time is now !

Who are these sessions for ?

Every one requires a better wardrobe to suit their personal & professional needs. Gone are the days when only public figures and models required a personal stylist.

We are socially way more bound than ever before. The world is watching our moves, so why defer this experience of a lifetime.

    The sessions are customized for you if you are:

  • A Professional in any respect
  • A business Owner
  • A freelancer
  • An entrepreneur
  • An artist in any respect
  • Getting back to work after a break

Hi. Thanks for trying to contact us. We are currently on sabbatical and not taking any new client sesssions till May' 22. Until then, stay safe!

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