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Wall of Pride

Heart Surgeon

At first, I did not believe in personal development but after going through your sessions, I realize how impactful all this is for success and growth.

A senior heart surgeon with a renowned hospital chain

Best People I've ever met

Thank you for guiding me, inspiring me and making me more efficient,
the way you coach and the knowledge you share makes you amongst the best people I have ever met.

Radiologist & GM of a renowned hospital

You’ve made a whole new person

I recently met a prospective client and couldn’t believe the confidence had in my words and presentation, all thanks to you Shreya. I felt powerful through my body language and loosened up at the same time. Can’t thank you enough
You’ve made me a whole new person
especially after the hair and wardrobe change. I love my new hairstyle

Independent Writer

the best gift you give to others is your inspiring words with action plan.

Words are few to express on your role in the journey of my life. Yes ambitions and dreams were always there but you helped me shape them with your encouraging words and deep analysis of what I need to work on. You put your heart and soul at your work and bring the best in the person. Like I mentioned even earlier wouldn’t have taken the loss of job as a disguise of all the opportunities coming my way if you had not supported me with your time and effort.
I am so assertive in talking to everyone now. I focus on myself and on what I have to say. Kudos to you,
the best gift you give to others is your inspiring words with action plan.
Great going and Good luck

Asset management strategist

Can’t thank you enough for all you have done.

I used my low pitch to share a strong feedback with a subordinate. Felt so confident. Its amazing how easily I am interacting with peers at work now. I don’t see anything missing in myself.
As for the clothes, I’m loving accessorizing my outfits at work. I can put so many old outfits to good use now, which I had almost discarded. Felt so powerful. You made me realize how many outfits I actually have in my wardrobe.
Can’t thank you enough for all you have done.
I can’t believe our sessions are over.

Senior Manager - Global IT giant

I look so young now

The person who gets you out of your lowness needs to be treasured. You are that person in my life. People are noticing a considerable change in my behavior and communication patterns at work. I am initiating conversations with so many people I didn’t speak to at work.
Can’t believe that people find me interesting.
And as for my wardrobe makeover, what have you done? I look so young now

Director Engineering - Global IT giant

Mrs India Intellectual 2015

This story is of a smart, talented and bold lady who hesitatingly applied for a beauty pageant. She came to us for confidence building, power body language, power voice and wardrobe with complete styling. We are amazed to see the inner and outer transformation in her.
She actually went on to win the title of ‘Mrs. Intellectual’- totally suited for her !

Mrs India (Intellectual) 2015

Femina Miss Bengaluru 2015

Our client; a Femina beauty pageant contestant who came to us for complete styling and confidence enhancement actually went on to become Miss Bangalore.
It was a proud moment for ‘Your Image and I’

Femina Miss Bangalore 2015

Renowned Gynaecologist

I get many compliments for my looks now. I dress according to my position and personal style now. Thank you for being there Shreya.

A renowned gynaecologist and hospital owner

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