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Personal Shopper Service

Why you need a personal shopper?

Let’s face this, as a culture an average Indian has never been encouraged to think about dressing well to suit his/her personality.

Hence naturally, we are never taught about dressing. As a result, we struggle for a fairly long period of time to identify what really looks good on us. Some of us learn by observing others, some of us learn through hit and trial and some of us just stop bothering enough. But this is not your solution. I have been a certified personal shopper for many years now and I’ve studied a great deal of managing wardrobes, clothes and professional shopping. So write in to be and we can plan your shopping session now !

And this is how we do it!

Identify your clothing preference

Plan a careful shopping list

Select your preferred brands

Let’s Shop


Hi. Thanks for trying to contact us. We are currently on sabbatical and not taking any new client sesssions till May' 22. Until then, stay safe!

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