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Individual Image Consulting

Individual Image Consulting

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Your Image and I

Started by nationally acclaimed Image Consultant and Communication Coach Shreya Dhingra, is an Image consulting firm based out of Delhi and Bangalore has client profiles including Lawyers, Politicians, Doctors, Marketing Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Business people, students and HNI's; Image consulting services are provided to individuals in Delhi, NCR, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Kolkata and Banglaore.

Following are the specific modules exclusively by 'Your Image & I':

Personality Development and Confidence Building

  • Personality Development and Confidence Building
    Personality Development and Confidence Building are one amongst the most misunderstood and misued terms. We often forget the weight attached to these terms before claiming to own them. We at 'Your Image & I' have given a fresh and a holistic perspective to confidence building inside-out. We use concepts like Personal SWOT, Emotional Intelligence, Self-Image and Transaction analysis. Read More.

Make-up and Grooming

  • Make-up and Grooming
    We not only help you look good with make-up, but ensure that you get detailed guidelines in the form of an exclusive 'Your Image & I' hand book to help you apply make up for the day, corporate events, party and socializing. Read More.

Personal Shopping Services

Personal Shopping Services
There are very few trained Personal Shoppers in India who can convert this often casual & fun filled activity into an extremely professional and systematic activity. We at 'Your Image and I' consider this service as one of the most pivotal Image Consulting sessions. This is where the clients begin to experience real and tangible change in their personalities. Read more

Wardrobe and Styling

Wardrobe and Styling
As experts in the field of Wardrobe and Styling, we help you understand your detailed personal style followed by a series of related sessions to create an easy and workable wardrobe for you. These sessions are unique and extremely satisfying as one learns the art of dressing and does not have to worry about the' Wrong Purchase Syndrome' again. Read More.

Public Speaking & Presentation SKills

  • Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
    Learn how to deliver world class presentations, effective speech skills and voice intelligibility techniques with our intensive curriculum on verbal and vocal communication. You will sound more confident, powerful and convincing with the right communication education provided here at Your Image and I. Read More.

Corporate Make-over

  • Corporate Make-over
    If you are a Corporate Professional, Entrepreneur or a Business person who knows that there is some change that your image requires now but don't exactly know what is required then you have reach the right page. Corporate Makeovers by 'Your Image & I' are exclusively designed for working men and women and helps you project a powerful image to take you to the next level. Read More.

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