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Image is a perception about you in the minds of others. It forms over a period of time when people begin to form a pattern about your presence and behaviour.

An Image Coach also referred to as an Image Consultant helps you identify your core personality, behaviour and the impression you leave on others. Basis this analysis, she follows a systematic and a structured process to coach you on all aspects of your image whether external like Clothing, Body Language, Speaking and Behaviour or internal like Emotional Intelligence, Strength Analysis and Inter-personal relationship.

Image Management is the art in science of managing your image effectively in all occasions of your life. It can be mastered by focusing on your inner self and bringing that out even in your outer appearance. Hence the inner and outer personality give one 

Yes very much. With consistent effort, you can easily alter your image for the better.

Let’s put it this way. Are cheese, oregano and tomato puree same as the pasta itself? Obviously not, because they are the core components that make a pasta. Similarly, Image Management is an umbrella term which has multiple core components like soft skills, personality development, grooming etc. Hence, Image Management includes all these terms and much more.

Image enhancement is a complete end to end packaged solution which includes a combination of visual, non-verbal and verbal communication techniques like Wardrobe Management, Personal Shopping, Hair Styling, Make-up, Body Language, Voice modulation, Public speaking, leadership skills, corporate/business skills, inter-personal communication, emotional intelligence and strength analysis.

Absolutely, the individual coaching sessions are truly customised according to your smallest requirements. You get to choose the number of sessions, type of sessions and days & timings for the sessions. 

Certainly not, we also conduct these sessions through corporate trainings, workshops and seminars. We have a diverse corporate client list for whom we have conducted Image Training.

Since they are customised according to your requirement, the coaching fee has a range. However it starts with a basic fee of Rs. 2000/- and goes further basis your requirement.

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