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Executive Presence for high performers and potential leaders

This module addresses the training requirements of high performers or potential designators across industries. The module has been crafted to expose them to the whole new world of personal presentation and confident projection.

Have you ever noticed your boss looking cool and calm in a conversation with you, until he gets an update on a sudden ...

Do you admire others? I’m pretty sure you do. Who are these people? Family, friends, not so friends, colleagues, ...

Executive Presence for high performers & potential leaders

Verbal Dyanmic Training

Verbal Dynamic

  • Initiate interesting conversations
  • Optimize interactions
  • Rapport and Bonds
  • Deal with difficult people
  • Art of Assertion
  • Crucial business skills
  • Complete conversation mapping
Non Verbal Training

The Non Verbal segment

  • Identify your PQ (Presence quotient)
  • Creating solid initial impressions
  • Harness your inner dynamism
  • Body language confidence
  • Dining Etiquette
Master Public Speaking

Master Public Speaking

  • Presentation Skills
  • Public speaking confidence
  • Vocal Intelligence
  • Get noticed and acknowledged

Modus Operandi

  1. Choose your format:
  2. Half-day training - key note format
  3. Full day training – touch base on all components of executive image
  4. 2-3 day training - selected modules; focused training
  5. 5 days - Extensive Training Program

This is our ideal training procedure.

Initial Meeting
Pre-training assessment
Customized training solution prepared
Customized training delivered
Post-training assessment
Individual consultation
30 day web follow up web chat with participants

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