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Executive Business League

This concept is designed for business owners, senior corporate professionals, entrepreneurs and all those at the helm of affairs. You are inspiration for many, and the epitome of success for your team.

Many want to be like you some day. It is therefore imperative for you to look your part, speak like a true leader and maintain an executive conduct at all times.

You could be a doctor, lawyer, company owner, general manager, director, VP or one among the C-suite. I will delve into your story and fix the missing elements in your overall professional presence.

Not everyone can be a natural charmer or a crowd puller, and we won’t aim for unrealistic results. I’ll aim to bring out the best in you.

Your success mantra

A well defined non-verbal expression
Strong social-psychological skills
Authentic dressing style

Strong social-psychological skills

  • Case history analysis
  • Stakeholder persona profiling
  • Social skill asset profiling
  • Initiating dialog with anyone who matters
  • Sustaining meaningful conversations
  • Make your conversations alive
  • Tact and assertiveness

A well defined non-verbal expression

  • Find your soft power stance
  • Hand gestures
  • Posture and torso alignment
  • Science of facial expressions
  • Body behaviours of experts
  • Vocal intelligence

Authentic dressing

  • Wardrobe evaluation
  • Personal style analysis
  • Personal shopping
  • Creative pairing of outfits
  • Accessories and grooming

Executive Business Presence

Men Power Dressing
women Power Dressing

  You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure  - Zig Zaglar

Styling you requires a lot of intricacy and detail.

My first aim is to understand your lifestyle and the kind of people you interact with followed by detailed personality mapping

Some of our elite clients

Power Businessmen

Some of our elite client testimonials

Client from a political family

Shreya planned my complete shopping, hair style and make-up. Moving in the high circle of the capital, I needed good western outfits which she managed to shop for me. She taught me some amazing make-up techniques which changed my look completely.

Renowned Nutritionist

Shreya has changed the way I look at clothes now. I just know what works for me and what doesn’t. She helped me plan different looks for my work and conferences. I am thrilled with the result.

Hospitality Business Owner

You look dapper, this is the comment I got first thing in the morning when I dressed up the way you recommended. The results are showing. Thanks a lot for your professional expertise.

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