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Corporate Skills

I carefully design customized modules on practical and applicative business skills according to your crucial business needs. There is no comparison to the coaching I provide. I get into the skin of your job profile, your stakeholders and your daily lifestyle to give you magic solutions!

3 Steps to Corporate Success

1. Understanding Self

  • SWOT evaluation and interpretation
  • Impactful elevator’s pitch
  • Creating authentic first impressions
  • Identify your communication pattern
  • Body language and vocal intelligence
  • Social skill assets

2. Understanding others

  • Stakeholder Profiling
  • Professional relationship management
  • Learn various personality & intelligence types
  • Decode the science of Emotional Intelligence
  • Know what others think of you

3. Master people mangement

  • Art of body language
  • Find your power voice
  • Professional wardrobe management
  • Develop strong social skills

Becoming a dynamic professional is not a child’s play, it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes consistent effort and practice but you will get there.

This course is for you to become the professional you want to be. I will teach you some amazingly applicative and effective corporate skills to zoom your career and direct it the way you want.

After this course, my clients feel empowered. They feel compelled to take actions, they gather guts to say what needs to be said. Above all, they gain greater financial success.

My sessions are for corporate professionals, business people, entrepreneurs and free-lancers who are motivated towards personal development. Those who want to succeed at work by enhancing their social skills, body language and overall presence.

My sessions are not for those looking for english language skills, stammer problems or deep depression concerns. I’m not qualified to help you.

A practical and methodical approach to solving your executive presence and communication problems. I will identify the root cause of your concern and prepare relevant documents, practice exercises and engage in active case discussions to make the learning process effective and interactive


Let’s be clear, there are no quick fix solutions here and no magic results. You will have to work hard with me to see the results you expect. There will be changes that you will notice in yourself as the sessions progress, and the results can last you a lifetime!

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